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Starbucks = awesome

I love pay day and I love tips as well. I must say that our customers are pretty awesome when it comes to tipping:) I got a 100% on my first snap-shot too(it's when a secret shopper comes in and see's if the store is clean and all product is made to standards). I have only been working for starbucks a little over three months and I really do like it. There are some partners that I am not to keen on, but the good over throws the bad. The manager is awesome! He is always cracking jokes and making work fun. He's a big goof ball, which I like. I haven't really had any bad customer experiences, until yesterday, but the lady was ridiculous anyway. She made me re-make her drink 5 times and then called me retarded when I made it how she told me each time. Luckily Josh, the supervisor on duty at the time, heard her say that and kindly asked her to leave. So, all in all I like it so much better than panera...words really cant describe.
But, I am going to go and enjoy my day off. Later!

Katherine ♥
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