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Work sucked the big one today! The morning started off slow, but as soon as 9am hit, there was a line to the door. I was backed up on drinks and people seemed to be in a pissy mood today. I made this one drink and called it out, this lady came up and asked me what the drink was. I re-peated it to her and she grabbed the drink. I had two pitcher of milk steaming, so it was loud and there were a million people in the store, which made it even louder. The lady who took the drink was still standing there, so I asked if she was waiting on another drink, she then asked me what the drink was that she was holding in her hand. I told her it was a double tall mocha. Then she asked me again what the drink was and I told her again. She asked me the same fucking question 5 more times, till the point when she asked me the final time I was like, "yes, it's a double tall mocha!". The lady went completely psycho and stared screaming and causing a scene...I felt like jumping over the counter and stabbing her in her face. I really, really, really hate people sometimes. Don't ask me the same fucking question over and over again and then get upset when I am annoyed with you. I really need to find a job that does not involve serving people that suck.


P.S. Sorry for the bitch fest.
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