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I haven't used this thing in ages. I don't like posting blogs on myspace...everyone seems to check those. So much has been going on. I feel like my thoughts are about to overflow through my eye-balls. I have stopped sleeping completely, because I can't shut my mind off. I don't know what is wrong with me. I over think everything it seems. I can't make simple decisions, I have to pounder it at least for an hour. And when I do make quick decisions I spend an hour or so re-thinking that decision. I am totally fucked up. Half the time my mind wondering does not make any sense or have any real purpose. I just can't make it stop and that is driving me crazy. Life has been crazy though as of late. This semester is wrapping up and the holidays are quickly approaching, which means that work is going to be insane, which then means that I will be pushed close to the edge of ripping someones head off. I'm really not a violent person, my bark is much bigger than my bite. 
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